For Underdogs, by Underdogs

Our burning passion is to disrupt the upper echelon's monopolistic control of capital. Therefore, we strive to strategically locate and capitalize on investment opportunities. At Gen Z, we do not simply invest. We work day in and day out to provide our investors with the best returns by disrupting marketplace trends.

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What We Do

The overarching motif of finance throughout time is that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. For example, if you were to invest $1000 into the S&P 500 twenty years ago and not touch the investment since then, it would be worth $5340 today. That is a 534% return on your investment in 20 years. Our generation, Generation Z, has one enormous challenge, but also a vital advantage. The massive challenge we face is generating wealth in an environment of income inequality. The answer to this problem is utilizing time to your benefit. Our generation can shift the course of generational income inequality by employing the most powerful mechanism of change known to man —time. What we do differently at Gen Z is invest in companies that are highly responsive to changes in time.


The nature of our extensive investment style, coupled with our unique trading algorithm, provides us an unparalleled ability to realize monumental gains in the short term. At Gen Z, we eliminate hesitation to avoid robbing you of potential profits. When an investment passes our thorough analysis, we are confident that precise execution will only increase our predicted returns.


At Gen Z Capital Group, we are determined to build a brighter future, and we are confident that it will take far more than luck to get there. We have created well-strategized—short, medium, and long term—plans. With every investment we make, we are blazing the path towards our desired future.


Many outsiders—as well as insiders—think the investing world seems to be run by luck. To a degree, luck is present, but that does not indicate it cannot be influenced. Gen Z believes that luck can be bent to our will if it can be understood. We are convinced that by deploying our probabilistically driven algorithm, and comparing and analyzing thirty years of historical trends, we can be the shepherds, and not the sheep.

Our Team

Take a closer look into our Board of Directors.
Thai Morris

Thai Morris

Founder & Chief Technical Officer

A young man who literally dreams in code.
Thai is a full stack software architect with three years of work experience in web and Android development. He is responsible for building a Python-based financial trading algorithm for Gen Z.

Wesley Settles

Wesley Settles

Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Private Equity Analyst by day, entrepreneur by night.
Prior to Gen Z, Wesley was a Private Equity Analyst at Sweetwater Capital Partners, where he provided research and fianancial analysis on companies held within a $300 Million Tech Fund.

Mitchell Sigesmund

Mitchell Sigesmund

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Mitchell co-managed a portfolio with Wesley. A fund that consisted of 20 other private investors, which has a 29% IRR. He specializes in finding deep value with distressed companies. He currently works at WedBush Securities.